Your job is to look at all the teams in the tournament and using the Part 1 Playbook, you will be using math to figure out how it all works.

Part 1 Playbook - Instructions

Team Statistics  |  The Elimination  |  Take Your Chances

There are 6 rounds in the tournament and you will be choosing the winners in each round using math. You will need to calculate the winner using different information - each time finding the fractions, decimals and percents to help take you to the Final Four.

2024 March Madness Official Bracket

WARNING: It isn’t that easy to predict who wins. Every year, teams that are supposed to win, don’t, and then there are teams no one has ever heard of, that do incredibly well (they’re called Cinderella teams). Balance what the math tells you with what your gut tells you. It’s Game Time!

The month of March means one thing, and one thing only - March Madness. On top of the slam dunks, the alley-oops and the crossovers, basketball is filled with Math. The best basketball tournament in the world is also the best way to see how fractions, decimals and percents all add up to a NCAA National Champion.